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 Akashic Reiki 

What is Akashic Reiki?

Akashic Reiki is a unique mode of healing offered by Grace Lindsay that she has pioneered through her skills as both an Akashic Record practitioner and as a Reiki practitioner.


Akashic Reiki combines the energy work of Reiki with the energy and insights of the Akashic Records to form a powerful synergistic foundation for transformation.

How is Akashic Reiki different from traditional Reiki?

A traditional Reiki session typically involves lying on a massage table fully-clothed, with the practitioner following a common protocol of hand placements on the body that move from the head to the feet. Sessions may be in silence with soothing background music, or with minimal conversation.


In Akashic Reiki, the client still lies fully-clothed on a massage table, but the common head-to-toe protocol of hand placements is not followed. Instead, Grace opens the client’s Akashic Record, and then allows the guidance from the Record to guide which parts of the body are most appropriate for hand placements and flowing of Reiki energy. 

While in these guided hand placements, Grace talks with the client about the insights she is receiving in the Akashic Record, related to physical or emotional pain being held in the body. Sometimes this pain has been held since childhood, other times it’s been catalyzed by a trauma or injury.

Each case and client is different, and thus outcomes or results are different.  Clients have told Grace that their pain or symptoms have gone away for good, that long-term anxiety has significantly lessened, and that they feel transformed after just one session.

See the testimonials page for a few examples! 


Grace offers in-person Akashic Reiki sessions (fully-clothed) in her office at 83rd & Stateline in Kansas City (see map and full address on the Make an Appointment page). Remote sessions are also available in your own home by telephone or online video conference (via Zoom).


The rate is $225 for a regular session that typically lasts 1.5 hours. 


Payment is available by cash or credit card (online via PayPal or

in-person/over the phone via Square).


“I have had several Reiki sessions with Grace Lindsay, and I am renewed and revitalized after each session.


I went to Grace for a specific physical issue that my medical doctors informed me would return after two procedures, so I searched for alternatives. 


I am so glad I found Grace.  She listened to me as I told her about my issues, and I felt her genuine concern and compassion. 

After the first and second Akashic Reiki sessions, I am happy to report that the physical issue I had was gone!


I continue to see Grace for energy work because it feels so good and my body responds immediately with health and perfect harmony. The energy work she does stays with me long after the session has ended. 


I would recommend Grace to anyone looking for a true healer.”

A. Downing, Kansas City, MO

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