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Testimonials for Akashic Record Readings, Classes and Reiki Sessions

Akashic Record Reading testimonials

Hi Grace, I want to express again how wonderful it was to meet with you, your deep compassion, and gentle nature while sharing the intimate details of my soul's journey.   The information you shared in my Akashic Record Reading is life transforming, and I am ready and willing to move from caterpillar to butterfly. Thank you for everything."Janice S., Caribou, ME


"I have been going over everything I learned from my reading yesterday. It really helped me understand where my family member is coming from, and how I can help them heal, which has lessened my anger immensely! I feel much more peaceful.  I have also gained a new focus when it comes to my career.  I think you hit the nail on the head by guiding me toward the new career area we talked about, and I do believe that is the direction in which I will go.  I began looking up online schools yesterday, and I downloaded two audio books to learn more.  I have a new excitement for my future. Thank you again for bringing peace and clarity to my world at the time when I desperately needed it." T.P., Lee's Summit, MO

"Grace, my recent Akashic record reading from you brought me a lot of understanding, and ultimately a lot of peace about past relationships that have been troubling me. Knowing why these people had been in my life gave me a lot of comfort. You also gave me clarity about my future life path. Although I was somewhat skeptical before my reading, it did not take long before I realized that you were the “real deal.” I was astounded by how insightful you were, and how well you seemed to know me even though we had just met.”  C. Ward, Kansas City, MO

“Grace, you’re an incredible Akashic reader with the right integrity. My reading with you was an amazing and enlightening experience. It gave me the clarity I needed beyond what you can possibly imagine. You have such a gift!”  L. Wyatt, Kansas City, MO

“Thank you for the reading last Sunday.  It was a very moving experience for me and provided me with clarity, inspiration, validation and peace.  I appreciate you sharing your gift(s) of reading the Akashic Records for me.  Your essence is very grounding and your demeanor is very welcoming and grace-filled.”  Cyndy A., Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you for my husband's and my Akashic Record Readings yesterday. We enjoyed talking with you and

receiving our readings. We walked away feeling wonderfully blessed having had the experience. Bless your kind soul!”  Susan S., Odessa, MO

“My recent Akashic Record reading with Grace Lindsay was a valuable consultation with my guides. I was able to address issues that concerned me, and receive compassionate, loving, and wise suggestions through Grace that I can draw from throughout the coming year. I will definitely be utilizing her gifts often!”  Anyaa McAndrew, Psychotherapist, Western North Carolina

“I have benefited greatly over the last month from my work with the master Akashic Record reader Grace Lindsay, one of  the most luminous souls I've been blessed to encounter in this life, who has helped me to face and begin clearing old wounds of rejection and betrayal that recent travels have opened again, and have moved to the top of my spiritual menu.”  Dan Furst, Professional Astrologer, Cuzco, Peru

“We signed up for a couple’s Akashic Records reading…[which was a] new experience for both of us. We asked [Grace] what our soul mission was together as a couple. The answer was beautiful, validating and made sense. [It] gave us the safe space to share our greatest fears and the keepers of the Akashic Records gave us the vortex to receive the validation that we are on the right track, in the right relationship and on our mission together.”  S.H.,St. Louis, MO  [This quote is excerpted from an article published in Yoga & Spa Magazine, Summer Issue, July 2014.]

“I just called to thank you again and to tell you how much I benefited from my Akashic Record Reading with you yesterday.  It was very helpful to hear what you said during the Reading, and after the Reading I could really feel some things begin to shift in my awareness for several hours. I slept better last night than I have in a long time. This morning I woke up with the feeling that even more has shifted for me, and I feel different today in some very encouraging ways. Thanks again for your talents and expertise; I will definitely be giving you a call to schedule another Reading sometime soon.”  Richard R., Los Angeles, CA

“I am constantly amazed at some of the things you see and say in my Akashic Record sessions, and how accurate it is in a validating way. Thank you so much for all the work you are doing with me; I look forward to continuing to work with you.”   J. Kelly, Overland Park, KS

“Thanks so much for the reading!! It was wonderful to meet you, and I appreciate the insight. What you said about my goal for this lifetime really resonated with me, and I am excited to have new understanding and direction as a result of my experience with you. Blessings!”  RTD, Kansas City

“Grace, our Akashic Record reading was cleansing and uplifting, and something that I needed at the moment.  I had two issues to discuss with you. You spoke some important truths to me, and it helped me to get re-aligned on two levels, both in terms of professional relationships and personal relationships.  In the next few days following our reading, I did a lot of ‘house-cleaning’ with those relationships, including realigning a friendship, and the friendship is healing.  Thanks so much for your valuable assistance!”  Dan, Overland Park, KS

“Confirmation is so important. My Akashic Record reading with you confirmed my purpose and my longing to know why I came to this earth. After hearing the answers in the Records, I settled in and relaxed, and have been able to live life with so much more ease. Thank you, Grace.”  D. Murray, Independence, MO

“I just wanted to send you a note of appreciation for your valuable and insightful reading on Saturday. Thanks for being the light that you are such a gift. And thanks so much for the powerful and motivating guidance that you shared with me!”  Karen Elise, Kansas City

“Grace, I wanted to reach out and thank you again for your beautiful and soulful reading yesterday. You are truly gifted and definitely an Akashic Healer. I’m still integrating everything that came through yesterday, while feeling my heart expand and support the deep understandings that have been revealed and remembered. I am truly honored and humbled by your ability to hold sacred space and clearly interpret within the Akashic Field.”  K.M., Overland Park, KS

I stand in awe of you, Grace; you are a true professional in this field – very skilled, very knowledgeable.  My Akashic Record reading with you was very helpful. I experienced such joy during and after the reading. It seemed to create a ‘space’ whereby a troubling relationship issue was lightened. I felt it opened up an avenue for a productive and healing conversation with the other person. A big step forward! Thank you, thank you.  Dee M., San Diego, CA

“Thank you for such a wonderful, loving and enlightening experience of my Akashic Record Reading with you yesterday! I feel like a different person today, and for the first time in my life, I can make perfect sense of, and understand as well as accept all that has happened in my life. I feel I received a huge blessing yesterday, and having your loving presence in my life is such a gift!  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for doing what you do!”  

Ana Sampaio, Leawood, KS 

Reiki Session testimonials

“Grace Lindsay is an open-hearted, loving person who has great energy. I love receiving Reiki sessions from her.” Karen Harrison, Master Reiki Teacher, Leawood, KS

“Hi Grace, I want to thank you again for my Reiki session this afternoon.  I feel amazing!  I have to tell you that ever since this tragedy happened in my family a few weeks ago, I have had almost zero energy.  My days have been spent in my bedroom, and I was lucky if I could make it to 3 pm before I was just too exhausted and needed to return to bed. Many days I have needed to make my way back to bed before noon, only to fall asleep quickly and sleep for hours.  I have tried to keep appointments but have cancelled many, just not able to push through.

But today after my Reiki session with you, It is now 6 pm and I have cleaned my kitchen, completed a load of laundry and still have no desire to go to bed.  This is nothing short of a miracle for me and I thank you from the depths of my being!”  T.P., Lee's Summit, MO

“I recently had carpal tunnel surgery, and can say with awe and joy that this surgery was a wonderful experience.

This is in large part due to the Reiki treatments Grace Lindsay gave me starting on the first evening after surgery. 

I had no pain following that first Reiki session, and the next day I was using my hand in normal activities.

I am so grateful to have been a recipient of this powerful energy by this dedicated Reiki practitioner. Thank you, Grace, for your skill, service and high consciousness.  Your healing presence has blessed me more than you know.” D. Martin, Lee's Summit, MO

“I have had several Reiki sessions with Grace Lindsay, and I am renewed and revitalized after each session. I went to Grace for a specific physical issue that my medical doctors informed me would return after two procedures, so I searched for alternatives. I am so glad I found Grace.  She listened to me as I told her about my issues, and I felt her genuine concern and compassion.

After the first and second Akashic Reiki sessions I am happy to report that the physical issue I had was gone!  I continue to see Grace for energy work because it feels so good and my body responds immediately with health and perfect harmony. The energy work she does stays with me long after the session has ended.  I would recommend Grace to anyone looking for a true healer.”  A. Downing, Kansas City, MO

“I have had the extraordinary pleasure of working with Grace Lindsay to receive a combination Akashic Record Reading and Reiki session (aka ‘Akashic Reiki’). From the moment I scheduled an appointment with Grace, I felt confident I was working with a professional who is guided by the highest ethics. Upon arriving for my appointment, I found the office very comfortable, and I found Grace to be warm, friendly, very positive, and she gave a quick and efficient explanation of how our appointment would unfold.  I came to the appointment seeking assistance to move forward in several areas of my life, but gave very little information or details prior to the appointment.


During the session, Grace addressed all the major issues I was dealing with, bringing clarity, comfort, insight and wisdom on every subject. She spoke to my emotional, physical, mental, and soul self in a loving way that ushered in a peaceful, humble confidence and loving connectedness that allowed me to release the anxious state that previously had a grip on me.

It's been a month since my first meeting with Grace, and 80-90% of the anxiety I was feeling is gone. My time spent with Grace was transformative, allowing me to easily shed some patterns I had been trying to move through on my own, but needed assistance. Grace with her loving gift was that assistance. I will gladly work with Grace in the future, and gave the gift of an Akashic Reiki session to my sister for her birthday. It's no surprise that my sister emerged from the session in a peaceful state and said that she received insights and tools that allowed her to easily move through painful issues that previously were holding her back. Thank you, Grace!”  C.L., Overland Park, KS


As a natural skeptic to most things of this nature, I wasn't convinced that Reiki would have much of a difference on my sore foot. However, after seeing a chiropractor, who didn't offer much of a solution, and trying to deal with the pain, I was referred to Grace Lindsay for her Reiki abilities.

After 20 minutes of deep, concentrated Reiki, I didn't feel that much initially. However, once the session ended and I began to test the ability of my foot by putting pressure on it and jogging in place, I was surprised with the lack of pain. When I walked in the door, I could feel an aggravating sensation anytime I exerted force on my foot or tried to run, but as I left the session, the pain had subsided and was no longer a burden.  I thank Grace for her assistance, and would recommend her services to others as well.”   A.R., Kansas City, MO

I saw Grace after I pulled my Achilles' tendon during a workout. I had to limp over to her chair because it was painful to put my full weight on my foot, but after receiving Reiki from her, I got up and walked away like I'd never hurt myself.” Z.S., Overland Park, KS

Akashic Classes testimonials

“Thank you so much for the amazing class on Sunday. You did a fabulous job as a teacher and facilitator. It was very professionally done and in a timely matter. The sessions really helped me in ‘seeing the light’ and a different perspective on several issues. For that, I am very grateful!  Kansas City is blessed to have someone like you to have a calling to teach the Akashic Records. Thank you for sharing your many wonderful gifts!  I so appreciate all that you do.”  S.R., Kansas City

“Grace, I want to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed your class on Saturday and the experience was very awe inspiring! I could have kept talking and learning for hours! You are a fabulous teacher and your gift of compassion, detail and deep spiritual knowledge is so lovely.  Your communication and sharing of experiences was very helpful. Thank you so much for coming into my life! What a blessing!”  Jeanne G., Kansas City, MO

“Thanks so much for the class, Grace. You really have a gift for this, and I feel that many more people will seek your services in the future as well. I was experiencing so many insights that I actually needed to take a break.  It was a Spirit-filled couple of days for me and it culminated with your class. Thanks again.”   J.F., Lee’s Summit, MO

“Grace, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your class on Healing Ancestral Patterns in the Akashic Records. Truthfully, I did not know what to expect as the topic did not particularly resonate with me beforehand.

But I have to tell you, the class was an incredible experience for me. You were such a gentle and loving instructor. I would recommend your classes to anyone looking to expand their experience in the Akashic Records. I excitedly

look forward to your next class!"  L.Carter, Overland Park, KS

“Grace, a huge ‘thank you’ for all you bring to your wonderfully-done classes and this most fascinating subject (Healing Ancestral Patterns in the Akashic Records). You are such a clear, organized, patient, and present-in-the-moment teacher. You were aware of our needs as participants, and handled more unusual needs or requests with grace, patience, and respect. I really loved every aspect and moment of the class; I learned so much, we had plenty of time for practice, and I enjoyed the students’ questions and your clear answers. My gratitude to you as friend, mentor, and teacher extraordinaire!”  Rev. Sherai St. Claire, Lee’s Summit, MO

“Thanks so much for your wonderful class on Saturday on Past Lives. I so much appreciate your energy, your passion, and the insights you gave me into my past lives.”  Bruce W., Lawrence, KS

“Grace, thank you for sharing your positive light, graciousness and brilliance in bringing increased access to the Records...We had a wonderful Beginning class yesterday and I so appreciate your precision teaching skills...Blessings and please keep me informed of future classes!”  Laurie Domsch, Kimberling City, MO

“Please let me know when you will have your next class, I would really love to attend. I always learn something new when I attend your classes. Thank you for being my mentor and guide for my spiritual growth. I am blessed to have met you.”  Y. Chen, Kansas City

“Thank you again for the class yesterday on working with limiting subconscious beliefs. It was a great experience, and the timing is also right. I really appreciate your teaching.  It has been a year since I began taking your classes, and I am making a lot of progress in my spiritual growth; it certainly has been catalyzed by your teaching. I cannot express enough my appreciation by saying thank you.”  H.Y., Kansas City, MO

“Grace, you have a great gift of conveying  the concept of what the Akashic Records are, and can make the accessing of them possible. Your enthusiasm and joy in them are real. I cannot thank you enough for making it possible for me to learn from you.”  Kay T., Bryan, TX

“I want to let you know that I just did my first reading for a friend. She lives in another state so we did it over the phone. I was nervous and excited and didn't know what to expect, but it was pretty amazing. It was very clear that it wasn't me interfering, and that everything came from the Records. Up until now, I've only worked in my own Records, so it was the first time I've done a reading for someone else. I've yearned to do that but didn't believe I had anything to offer. Now I'm ready for this next turn on the path, whatever form that takes. Thank you for inviting me to learn in your beginning class.”  D.S., Kansas City, MO

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