Other Classes and Training Opportunities

In addition to the Beginning Class where you learn how to work in others' Records as well as your own, Grace also teaches


Topic-specific Classes on:

* Past Life Healing in the Akashic Records
* Ancestral/Family Lineage Healing in the Akashic Records
* Working With Limiting Subconscious Beliefs in the Akashic Records


Each class is 7 hours in length, and the fee for each class is $750. 

Contact Grace for more information and current class schedule at info@AkashicGrace.com.

Akashic Mastery Training:


Grace is happy to offer you a customized training program where you dive deep into your Akashic Records, working with Grace via Zoom video conferencing on a series of topics that are of interest to you (see list of topics below for examples).


This mastery deep-dive addresses one topic (of the list of topics you choose) in each session. You and Grace both open your Akashic Records, and Grace asks you a series of questions related to the topic of focus for that session.


This approach helps you dive deep in 3 ways:

  1. You answer the questions from your own personal perspective.

  2. You hear answers from the perspective of your Akashic Guides through your own experience in the Records.

  3. Grace shares with you what is coming forth from the perspective of your Akashic Guides through her expertise in the Records.  


This deep-dive series is very personal and specific to you, your spiritual path and life experience. It gives you deep insight into your personal experiences around each topic, as well as your spiritual and Akashic perspective. The answers that have come forth during such sessions have been profound, enlightening, and transformational. 


You'll come away with a mastery in working in the Akashic Records at a deep level, and will receive Akashic Mastery certification upon completion of 8 sessions.


A typical deep-dive session lasts 2 to 3 hours, and can be scheduled at your convenience and desired sequence of timing.


The fee for deep-dive sessions is different than for a standalone/one-time Akashic reading, and is based on a session fee rather than an hourly fee; discounts are offered for each session in a series, and also for payment of the whole series of readings up front (it is also possible to pay as you go for each session).  Contact Grace for current pricing at info@AkashicGrace.com.


Grace can explore whatever topics interest you, in whatever order, according to the time frame that works best for you. 

The beauty of this program is that it is totally customized to your schedule, your interests, and your life!


Listed below are several topics that Grace can explore with you in your Akashic Records - other topics can be added based upon your personal interest as well.


Potential topics you could explore with Grace in the Akashic Records:


  • Key stumbling blocks/beliefs/areas for growth from a soul perspective

  • Health and healing (emotional/physical/spiritual) in the Records in general 

    • Specifically related to any health concerns you may have

  • Relationships (romantic/familial/spousal/parents/children) and/or:

    • Relationships with men: father figures (including teachers, relatives as well as father), boyfriends, husbands, bosses, leaders

    • Relationships with women: mother figures (including teachers, relatives as well as mother), girlfriends, wives, bosses, leaders

  • Early Childhood / subconscious imprinting from early childhood

    • May include formative experiences/beliefs during elementary/secondary years  

  • Relationships with mother, father, family members (deeper dive than topic on early childhood)  

  • Money/Prosperity and/or Manifestation

  • Sexuality/sexual relationships 

  • Relationship with Authority and/or Empowerment (or lack of empowerment)

  • Past Lives (and their impact on your current life)

  • Ancestral Lineage (and their messages, themes, gifts and healing opportunities)

  • Incorporating Akashic Record work into your current business practice 

  • Visioning/activating your life ahead in alignment with your soul


What other topics might interest you?