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Akashic Record Readings & Related Services

Do you have questions about your life and its challenges?

Are you struggling with challenges in your life related to your job, relationships, health, or other issues?  Do you ever wonder why you are here, or what is your purpose in life?  Do you have important questions about your life for which you would like to receive meaningful answers?

If so, an Akashic Record Reading may be of great assistance to you. Not connected with any specific religion, it is an interactive conversation that accesses the wisdom of your soul to provide meaningful answers to your life’s challenges.

What is the Akashic Record?

The Akashic Record is the energetic recording of every person’s soul and its journey since inception. The Record contains past, present, and future possibilities, and is especially powerful in bringing your focus into the present moment.

Not connected with any specific religion, it is referenced in many ancient spiritual teachings and is sometimes called “The Book of Life.”

What is an Akashic Record reading?

An Akashic Record reading consists of opening the records of your soul, with your permission, and allowing the information from this profound and sacred spiritual level to come forward. A reading involves an interactive conversation that accesses the wisdom of your soul to provide meaningful answers to your life’s questions and challenges.

Different than a psychic reading, it is not about making predictions, foretelling your future, or telling you what you should do. The information from your Record is intended to give you clarity and self-awareness, empowering you to make more conscious decisions and choices for your highest good.

Appointments are available in person, over the phone and by online video conferencing (via Zoom or Skype), and are equally effective in any  form. You don’t need to do anything special to prepare for the session, beyond having a willingness to discuss the things in your life that are concerning you.  It is also helpful to have a question or two in mind to begin the reading.


A 30 minute Akashic Record reading is $110, and 1 hour reading is $200.

In-person sessions can take place at Grace's office at 83rd & Stateline in Kansas City (see map and full address on the Make an Appointment page), or in an alternate location if preferred.


Payment is available by cash or credit card (online via PayPal or in-person/over the phone via Square).

Grace, I wanted to reach out and thank you again for your beautiful and soulful reading yesterday. You are truly gifted and definitely an Akashic Healer. I’m still integrating everything that came through yesterday, while feeling my heart expand and support the deep understandings that have been revealed and remembered. I am truly honored and humbled by your ability to hold sacred space and clearly interpret within the Akashic Field.

K.M., Overland Park, KS

Other Akashic Services

In addition to giving private Akashic Record readings, Grace enjoys teaching others how to work in their own Akashic Record, through classes, group meditations, practice meetings, and weekend retreats.

Check out Upcoming Events here!

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