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Beginning Classes

The Beginning Class is offered throughout the year on weekends or weekdays according to your scheduling convenience.


The class is offered both in-person in the KC metro area and online on Zoom Videoconferencing.


The first half of the class teaches you how to work in your own Akashic Records;

the second half of the class teaches you how to work in others' Akashic Records.

(Both classes are required for Practitioner Certification.)


Contact Grace if you are interested in scheduling a class based on timing that works best for you!

Classes can be scheduled at any time throughout the year.  

(Contact Grace through the home page or email

Have you ever wished that you could tap into the wisdom of your own soul to answer questions about your life?


The Akashic Record is a powerful way to access the wisdom of your soul to provide meaningful answers to your life’s questions.  


You are invited to learn about the Akashic Records with Akashic Master Grace Lindsay. 


Learn how to open your own Akashic Records to explore the wisdom of your soul with the help of your Akashic Guides,

and learn how to do Akashic Record Readings for others as well.


You’ll be amazed by how quickly you learn to get in and out of the Records, and how ready your Akashic Guides are to help you in the discovery. Experience the energy. Gain wisdom and insight. Have a more conscious relationship with your own soul. 

Classes are offered both in-person in the metro Kansas City area, and online via Zoom video conferencing. Classes are divided into two parts which can be scheduled according to your preference. 


In the first half of the class (about 5 hours long), you will learn how to access and work in your own Akashic Records, and will learn to discern between your own intuition versus guidance from your Akashic Guides.

In the second half of the class (also about 5 hours long), you will learn how to access and work in others' Akashic Records, and will partner with other participants to do readings for each other (the second half of the class will greatly enhance your work in your own Records as well!).


Both parts of the class are required for Practitioner Certification, and they can be taken in one full day (typically 8:30 am - 6 pm),

or in two half day classes (that could be on a weekday or weekend, back-to-back or days in between).

Class scheduling can be flexible based on individual preferences for one day vs. two half-days, on weekdays or weekends, so reach out to Grace with your scheduling preferences (at!


The class fee is $297 for the first (5-hour) part of the class or $497 for the full class (10 hours) which includes Practitioner Certification (that confirms you are fully certified to do readings for others).  


Come join us and learn a spiritual tool you can use the rest of your life! 


Contact Grace Lindsay with questions or interest through the home page or email

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